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New Products

The equipment, tools and products on the pages of Cleanfax are exactly what carpet cleaning and disaster restoration business owners need to better build their businesses. Take advantage of what is available as you continue to increase profitability.


Surface film

ProRestore Products

Surface Shield by ProRestore creates a long-lasting surface film that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria on treated surfaces – perfect for post-mold remediation treatment.

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Rinse agent

Bridgepoint Systems

Blazin’ Blue is a next generation emulsifier/rinse agent with surfactants and builders that effectively emulsify and suspend even the most difficult soils.

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Interlink Supply

Truckmountforums (TMF) and Bridgewater LLC are proud to announce a working partnership that will now make the popular TMF products, TileMaster and PreLoad 5, available through Interlink Supply and other distributors nationwide.

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Fan control


To combat frustrations associated with bathroom mold and mildew, DewStop, the innovators of the latest “smart fan” technology, have introduced their newest model.

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Product line


Everyone has brand preferences for cars, toothpaste, coffee, clothing, etc.

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Mobile app

Legend Brands

Dri Plan™ 3.0 adds several features to its mobile job-documentation app that speed data entry and simplify the overall monitoring process.

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Mold prevention

Concrobium Professional Restoration Products

Concrobium Mold Control offers mold remediation and prevention in a single solution, making it a versatile antimicrobial for restoration pros.

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Wet/dry vacuum


ProTeam has added a 16-gallon medium-duty wet/dry to their popular line of ProGuard® vacuums.

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