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The equipment, tools and products on the pages of Cleanfax are exactly what carpet cleaning and disaster restoration business owners need to better build their businesses. Take advantage of what is available as you continue to increase profitability.


Odor removal

Harvard Chemical Research

Trusted by professional carpet cleaners for nearly two decades, Pet Stainoff is a blend of bacteria and enzymes that, under proper conditions, eliminates organic-matter odors. Its bacterial action digests odor-causing materials such as urine, fecal matter, vomit and other pet-related odors.

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Mold inhibitor

Endurance BioBarrier

After your restoration/ remediation work is complete, apply Endurance BioBarrier Contractor Grade Mold Prevention Spray.

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Disinfectants and odor eliminators

Clean Control Corporation

Clean Control Corporation manufactures disinfectants that kill germs in homes, hospitals and restaurants, as well as air fresheners that eliminate odors.

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Vehicle selection

The Butler Corporation

Vehicle selection, options, convenience, availability, competitive pricing and low finance rates are why customers choose from our extensive inventory of vans, cube vans and trucks.

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Truckmount detergent

The Butler Corporation

Butler Maximum Truckmount Detergent is an exclusive formulation of surfactants, alkaline builders, foam controlling agents, corrosion inhibitors and deodorants.

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Powder emulsifier


DynaForce 77 detergent for truckmounts and portables uses Chemspec’s special Biosolv® booster to power through soils on all types of commercial and residential carpets.

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Ford Transit slide-in approval


HydraMaster has approved its full line of slide-in truckmounts for installation in the Ford Transit with only a special set of mounting bolts and cleat washers (provided by distributors) needed.

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Safe odor elimination


Vaportek’s new Restorator DUO™ uses natural, essential-oil, dry-vapor technology for safe, simple and effective odor elimination without the harmful effects of ozone or chemicals.

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