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Social Media


Online poll: Facebook marketing

The latest Cleanfax poll asks for your thoughts on current Facebook marketing.

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Facebook makes it harder (again) for businesses to market services

MENLO PARK, CA — The site will now limit the number and type of ads it shows in users’ news feeds.

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Guide to grabbing attention on social media

REDDING, CT — Marketing Land has created a list how to gain attention on social media sites.

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Virginia carpet cleaners (still) battling Yelp

RICHMOND, VA — Virginia’s Hadeed Carpet Cleaning is still not giving up as the company moves on to Virginia’s Supreme Court. 

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Meat Loaf

Communicating better with younger workers.

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Social media marketing help for carpet cleaners

MELBOURNE, Australia — Australian company launches social media marketing course for small business carpet cleaners.

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Facebook’s new restrictions improve Page “likes”

MENLO PARK, CA — The site hopes to promote better engagement between users and companies they “like.”

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July 2014 Foreword

Generation Marketing

One cleaner in the Midwest, living and working in a fairly affluent city, discussed with a few friends what he called “the perfect customer.”

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July 2014

Boost Your Sales

Use this little known Facebook secret to reach more customers.

“What is happening? Why aren't people responding to my Facebook fanpage? What am I doing wrong?” Does that sound like you?

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May 2014 Foreword

The Times They Are a-Changin’

By now, each and everyone one of you — except the last stalwart old marketing warrior shaking his head — believes that social media marketing definitely helps to build business.

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