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Electronic marketing


Study finds correlation between cleanliness and ethics

HOUSTON — Study by professors at three U.S. universities finds that keeping a clean home results in moral behavior.

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Guide to grabbing attention on social media

REDDING, CT — Marketing Land has created a list how to gain attention on social media sites.

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Google introduces new Treemaps

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — The new feature helps users get more out of AdWords.

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Virginia carpet cleaners (still) battling Yelp

RICHMOND, VA — Virginia’s Hadeed Carpet Cleaning is still not giving up as the company moves on to Virginia’s Supreme Court. 

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Going Mobile

Here are six reasons why you must have a mobile optimized website.

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May 2014 Foreword

The Times They Are a-Changin’

By now, each and everyone one of you — except the last stalwart old marketing warrior shaking his head — believes that social media marketing definitely helps to build business.

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5 Keys to a Better Online Presence

After you build it, you have to maintain it. Here are a few good suggestions.

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April 2014 Foreword

Google Clams Up

Search engine giant isn't giving away the farm anytime soon.

One of the most frustrating tasks a cleaning or restoration business owner faces is trying to show up on page one of Google — without paying for clicks, of course.

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April 2014

Building Trust

Here’s how to use social media to increase your reach into the marketplace.

What if I told you that it doesn’t require as much effort as you think it might, and you can actually make money using a fan page?

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March 2014 Foreword

Dear Mr. Google

Why, oh why, doesn't my website work like it used to?

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