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Customer Satisfaction


You're Fired!

It's just not working out.
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September 2014

Cut off Client Complaints

Challenge: How to turn something bad into something good for your company.

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Training and Certification

A thought-provoking perspective on the importance of industry education.

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The Customer Satisfaction Business

How to guarantee your customers are completely satisfied with your restoration process.

How satisfied are your customers with the restoration process?

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My Flooring Warranty gives thumbs up

Sycamore, IL – The professional cleaner marketing aid announces support for ICRA Performance Assessment Certifications.

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Dog diversification

LEXINGTON, NC — Cleaning and restoration company expands services with bedbug sniffing dog.

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June 2014 Single Truck Success

How Do High-Priced Companies Do It? Part 4

They have the ability to find customers willing to pay more.

Companies successfully charging top rates did not just stumble into their high pricing. It took determination, guts and a plan for building a company that deserves to charge more.

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Differentiation: The Key to Success in Selling and in Business

Focus your efforts, do your research and tap into existing streams of available information.

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January 2014 Single Truck Success

The Power of Newsletters

The most effective method for reaching the very best type of customer.

You can be sure that it takes a lot of work to get newsletters out to a client list on a consistent basis. So how do you determine if this is a good investment for your company?

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September 2013 Entreprenuer's Edge

Create a Culture of Excellence (Part 4)

Challenge: Understanding your own role in the business building process and accurately measuring results.

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