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Pricing, Bidding & Estimating


Get Aggressive!

Don’t kill the goose for its golden eggs.

Don’t kill the goose for its golden eggs. Experience better results with more aggressive drying.

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October 2013 Commercial Cash

Keep Going

Don’t run out of gas near the finish line.

Right in front of you are four files of “A” list customers that asked Mary for bids, but didn’t result in work. What to do? What is happening? Are you too expensive? Is Mary missing something?

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August 2013

Price Fixing

Are third-party pricing guides violating FTC rules?

Restoration contractors have been forced by the insurance industry, now for years, to use one of these pricing guides. They have also set up special groups of pre-approved vendors who not only agree to certain terms but agree to use the dictated pricing guide of the insurance company’s choice.

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July 2013 Single Truck Success

Single Truck Success

Focus your attention on these two important business building strategies.

The current economy has become the new normal, and healthy companies need to be showing steady financial improvement. Many businesses have not yet regained this healthy status.

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July 2013

Ask Cleanfax!

Learn about hiring regular employees versus using subcontractors, and how to deal with carpet cleaning companies using cheap coupons.

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April 2013

Commercial Cash Flow

Motivation: A challenging — but necessary — component of any commercial carpet cleaning company.

The tide is turning, the light bulb is coming on, your ship has come in and you are up to your armpits in money… and then you wake up to discover you just had a very nice dream and you still have more work to do to make it reality.

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