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Drying Equipment


Interpreting Grain Depression in Context

Three components every restoration technician must understand and apply.
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2013 Restoration ILR Profiles

The 2013 Disaster Restoration Industry Leaders Review (ILR) profiles provide insight into several industry-leading manufacturers, their brands and products available to you.
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Phoenix engineers awarded another patent

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is pleased to announce their latest patent on Auto Bypass.

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2013 Industry Leaders Review

Prochem: Setting the Standard

Prochem has been in the chemical and truckmount manufacturing business since 1968 and has always led the way in innovation and quality.
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Lessons Learned From Superstorm Sandy

Tips to help prepare for natural disasters and limit future damage.

With damage estimates of approximately $60 billion from Superstorm Sandy, those affected by this disaster have a long road ahead.

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