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Butler guarantees customer satisfaction

LUDLOW, MA — The company reports that if for any reason their clients are not completely satisfied, it will reimburse the cost of the machine, the deposit, honor travel credits, remove the machine and compensate buyers an additional $1000 for inconvenience.

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February 2014 Technical Tips

The Fix

Truckmount tips for a successful (and busy) spring season.

You didn’t pamper your truckmount. It needed some attention and now it’s going to get it, but at the worst possible time — when you are busy.

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Truckmount Profiles

The Cleanfax annual Truckmount Profile section provides insight into one of your largest equipment purchases. Whether you are a carpet cleaning contractor, you clean and maintain hard surfaces, or you are a restoration contractor who needs a truckmount for water extraction or for a more consistent revenue stream, the features and options are numerous.

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