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Interim/Maintenance Cleaning


Online Exclusive

The Custodial Wake-Up Call

Many janitorial contracts now include the provision of some carpet cleaning services, which leaves them unsure of their cleaning options. Here's an overview of carpet cleaning types for in-house cleaners.

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November 2013 Cover Story

Winter Carpet Care

Take a proactive maintenance approach during the cold season.

When cleaning professionals think about winter floorcare, the focus is usually on hard surfaces.

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Traffic lane cleaner

CTI Pro's Choice
Eliminate traffic lane gray with Pro’s Choice Dinge Away. Reflective enhancements in Dinge Away restore the brilliance to abraded lack luster fibers.
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Proper carpet tile care

Carpet tiles first became a significant product in the U.S. floor covering industry during the mid-1950s, and have increased in popularity in both residential and commercial settings.

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