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Marketing & Advertising

Although technical expertise is important in any business operation, finding clients and getting them to do business with you is key to success. Marketing your services, advertising it effectively, developing referrals, using modern media, expanding your client base and successful networking are all part of this industry topic. Learn how to do all this whether you operate a carpet cleaning or restoration company — or both.


They Have to Listen!

April 17, 2014

When marketing and selling your restoration services, you aren’t the only one who has to listen. So does the potential client.

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5 Keys to a Better Online Presence

April 15, 2014

After you build it, you have to maintain it. Here are a few good suggestions.

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April 2014 Single Truck Success

How Do High-priced Companies Do It? Part II

They look the part. You can, too.
March 29, 2014

Companies charging higher prices must look different from the crowd of competitors. This applies to car dealerships, restaurants, clothing stores and carpet cleaning companies.

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The ‘Big Three’

March 17, 2014

Understand these insurance adjuster marketing tactics and get ready for more restoration jobs.

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March 2014 Single Truck Success

How Do High-Priced Companies Do It?

Adding a few ‘extras’ makes all the difference.
March 3, 2014

Have you ever wondered how some companies can charge the high prices that they do in a competitive market?

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The Value of Self-critique

March 2, 2014

Put yourself in their shoes and do this after each meeting.

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March 2014 Foreword

Dear Mr. Google

March 2, 2014

Why, oh why, doesn't my website work like it used to?

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Promising Responses

February 17, 2014

Which option do you think indicates the adjuster might be interested?

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February 2014 Single Truck Success

The Power of Social Review Sites

Tap into these resources to get more referrals.
February 3, 2014

If you are new to this type of social media marketing, how can you get enough reviews to become competitive in this form of marketing? Is there a way to quickly boost your number of positive reviews?

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February 2014 Foreword

The Perils of Social Media Reviews

February 2, 2014

Don't hate them. It's not personal... most of the time.

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