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Many business owners and managers find that competing in today's market is intensely challenging, but most of them quickly learn that diversifying and offering additional services is a profitable solution. Whether you are diversifying into upholstery cleaning, duct cleaning, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, odor control, specialized spot and stain removal, color repair or any ancillary service offering, you will find the expert advice you need.


The Five Things

Barb Jackson, CR

What you must know before beginning a contents division.

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August 2014

Preventing Problems

Mistakes happen. Here’s how to avoid them when caring for stone floors.
Debby Davis

In the process of remodeling an older restaurant in Northern California, the owners decided that pretty much everything had to go — the kitchen, the dining room carpet… even the walls.

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ACI honored for safety information efforts

WASHINGTON — KEY Pledge is a standout for benefiting society.

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Dog diversification

LEXINGTON, NC — Cleaning and restoration company expands services with bedbug sniffing dog.

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Entering the Hard Floor Cleaning Fray?

Matt Morrison

It's not carpet cleaning. This diversification has a unique set of challenges.

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June 2014

Carpet Cleaning… Janitorial… Or Both?

Adding janitorial can be a solution to the slow season.
Gary Clipperton

A monthly janitorial cash flow can be helpful for a carpet cleaning company that experiences a major winter slow down. However, there are both pros and cons that should be considered.

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November 2013 Technical Tips

Gearing up for Granite

The basic requirements for cleaning, maintenance and (eventually) restoration.
Bill Griffin

Granite is often used for countertops, flooring, walls, building exteriors, sculptures, monuments, fountains and headstones. These are all opportunities for service and profit once you become comfortable working on granite.

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November 2013

Trauma Scene Cleaning

Do you know what you are really doing?
Richard Driscoll

You have probably heard or read about trauma scene work, or perhaps you or your company may now do this type of work. As with many other work activities, an important aspect of success is knowing what you are doing.

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August 2013

Increasing Profits

How to get more ROI from your marketing efforts.
Bill Griffin

Upselling your services is an important part of building a profitable business. Each customer you have costs money to acquire, so it is important to get as much return on your investment (ROI) as possible. That’s what upselling is all about.

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August 2013

Price Fixing

Are third-party pricing guides violating FTC rules?
Don M. McNulty

Restoration contractors have been forced by the insurance industry, now for years, to use one of these pricing guides. They have also set up special groups of pre-approved vendors who not only agree to certain terms but agree to use the dictated pricing guide of the insurance company’s choice.

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