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It's easy to start a business. It's difficult to grow it to create a healthy, thriving company. In this section, you will discover expert advice on how to effectively start, manage and operate a cleaning or restoration business. From hiring and firing, better staff management, implementing management tools in small and large operations, it's important to make necessary changes in your business to ensure that you succeed in this industry.


August 2014 Entrepreneur's Edge

Selling Your Services

Challenge: Choosing the very best clients, and avoiding those who aren’t good for business.
Larry Galler

I often ask businesspeople who own or manage carpet cleaning companies, “Who is your targeted market, your ideal customer?”

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August 2014

Letting Go

Gaining the confidence to ‘let go’ is a process and a learned skill.
Chuck Violand

Entrepreneurs are famous for not wanting to “let go” of the companies they birthed.

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August 2014 Single Truck Success

What is Your Tipping Point?

Know when your company succeeds.
Steve Marsh

Do you know the tipping point when your business shifts from being “at risk” to being “successful?”

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The Gumption Trap

Larry Galler
It’s time to make your escape. Not next week, not tomorrow… today!
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The Personal Mission Statement

Scott Tackett
What would yours have to say about you?
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Profits, Goals and Revenue Streams

Jack Dennison
Business owners should set profit goals for every income stream.
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Cleanfax announces staff changes

BIRMINGHAM, AL — Cleanfax improves its editorial team with promotion, new hire.

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So what am I? A mindreader?

Larry Galler

Make sure what you want is crystal clear to your employees.

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The Boss

Tom Cline

It’s finally happened. You are now ‘the boss.’ What’s next?

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July 2014 Commercial Cash

Your Future Is Now!

How you view your company may be much different than those on the "outside."
Fred Geyen

What you describe as your business can be very different from what an outside person might describe because, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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