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It's easy to start a business. It's difficult to grow it to create a healthy, thriving company. In this section, you will discover expert advice on how to effectively start, manage and operate a cleaning or restoration business. From hiring and firing, better staff management, implementing management tools in small and large operations, it's important to make necessary changes in your business to ensure that you succeed in this industry.


Persistence Pays Off

Peter J. Crosa, AIC, RPA
It may take a while, but the result will be worth the wait.
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Shout It Out!

Don’t hold it in. Tell everyone about why you are the best.
Larry Galler
There are big rewards if you broadcast compliments to staff, prospects and customers.
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You're Fired!

Jeff Cross, Executive Editor
It's just not working out.
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Meat Loaf

Chuck Violand

Communicating better with younger workers.

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Can You Handle the Truth?

Fred Geyen
Discovering the real value of your business can be unwelcome news.
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September 2014

Cut off Client Complaints

Larry Galler

Challenge: How to turn something bad into something good for your company.

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Sound Strategy

How good is your business plan?
Tom Cline

How good is your business plan? Here are some strategies to get you started.

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August 2014 Entrepreneur's Edge

Selling Your Services

Challenge: Choosing the very best clients, and avoiding those who aren’t good for business.
Larry Galler

I often ask businesspeople who own or manage carpet cleaning companies, “Who is your targeted market, your ideal customer?”

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August 2014

Letting Go

Gaining the confidence to ‘let go’ is a process and a learned skill.
Chuck Violand

Entrepreneurs are famous for not wanting to “let go” of the companies they birthed.

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August 2014 Single Truck Success

What is Your Tipping Point?

Know when your company succeeds.
Steve Marsh

Do you know the tipping point when your business shifts from being “at risk” to being “successful?”

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