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March 2015

Volume: 30
Edition: 03


The Coming Storm

A marketing tsunami approaches cleaners and restorers.

Prepare now for marketing changes stemming from the rise of social review sites.

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For Your Information

News and events for the carpet cleaning and restoration industries.
News and events for the carpet cleaning and restoration industry.
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Backpack Vacuum

Tornado Industries

The advanced harness and vacuum technology allow the Aircomfort to clean more than 7,000 square feet per hour.

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The Butler Corporation

Butler Maximum Liquid Enzyme is an exclusive concentrated pretreatment that penetrates, breaks down, digests and decomposes caked-on proteins, fats, oils, starches and greases.

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Encapsulating/crystallizing rinse agent

Harvard Chemical Company

To guard against rapid re-soiling, wick back and re-staining and add encapsulating polymer protection, leaving carpet feeling soft to the touch, carpet should be rinsed with a solution of Rinse Plus.

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Portable extractor

U.S. Products

Everything about the HydraPort portable extractor from U.S. Products tells you this machine was engineered to make the cleaning professional’s job easier.

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Personal demonstration

The Butler Corporation

If you are interested in scheduling a personal demonstration, please call our toll-free number or send us an email. We also welcome your request to receive our FREE 92-page Butler System brochure.

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LGR dehumidifier

Phoenix Restoration Equipment

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is excited to introduce the Phoenix 250 MAX, the latest of our Stainless Series XL LGR Dehumidifiers.

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Backpack vacuum battery option


ProTeam® now offers a six-amp-hour (6Ah) battery option for the GoFree® Flex Pro cordless backpack vacuum, which is ideal for detail cleaning or light-duty cleaning.

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Battery-powered scrubber


Powr-Flite’s Predator 17 battery-powered scrubber provides excellent scrubbing results on a wide range of hard floor surfaces.

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Odor Control

Product Focus March 2015

March's Product Focus on Odor Control features information on products from HydraMaster, Esteam Cleaning Systems, Clean Control Corporation, Chemspec, International Ozone Technologies Group, ProRestore Products and Vaportek.

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Entering a Grump-Free Zone

Challenge: Eliminating bad moods before they eliminate your customers.

This month's Entrepreneur's Edge addresses the following challenge: Eliminating bad moods before they eliminate your customers.

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March 2015

Restoration Showcase

March's Restoration Showcase includes information on 33 Mile, Air-Care, Blue Science Solutions, Delmhorst Instrument Co., Dri-Eaz, ProRestore Products, Reets Drying Academy, Spot On Solutions, Stellar-eMarketing Inc. and Vaportek.

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The Last Word March 2015

Photo of the Month Contest

This month's contest winner is Jorge Herrera of Herrera's Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles.

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