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October 2013 Commercial Cash

Keep Going

Don’t run out of gas near the finish line.

Right in front of you are four files of “A” list customers that asked Mary for bids, but didn’t result in work. What to do? What is happening? Are you too expensive? Is Mary missing something?

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PuroClean adds COO

PuroClean has announced the appointment of seasoned franchise executive Steve White as the company's chief operating officer (COO).

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The 'Be-Back-Itis' condition

It is infectious and can strike at any time. Here’s how to keep this ailment at bay.

If you wait in great hopeful expectation, believing a customer is going to call you back and they don’t, you may be suffering from Be-Back-Itis. How can you avoid coming down with Be-Back-Itis?

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Cleanfax Insider Weekly Online Exclusive

Six marketing concepts for carpet cleaners

Competition may be fierce, but you can get an edge with these practical tips.

It’s hard to think of an industry with more competition than the carpet cleaning industry. There are so many cleaners out there to choose from. Now is a great opportunity to be competitive.

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