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May 2014 Technical Tips

Cleaning Trends

How the industry is responding to environmental concerns.

Concerns about both health and the environment are having an impact on products in the cleaning industry.

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May 2014

Applications of Absorption

Consider solids over liquids when dealing with tough challenges.

There are a number of similarities between using absorbents and solvents. By probing deeper into absorption, we can achieve many of the same results without making an unwanted vapor.

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November 2013 Ask Cleanfax

Using Solvents

Performance and safety best practices when using dry solvents on carpet and furniture.

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June 2013 Technical Tips

What's In Your Prespray?

Chemistry for superior cleaning results.

Cleaners will, just like all trades people, cuss and discuss the characteristics about the tools of their trade.

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Springtime gum and adhesive removal tips

Spring is here, and that means many residential and commercial facilities will want their carpets cleaned; italso means that gum, adhesives and similar soiling that found their way onto carpets now need to come out.

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