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So what am I? A mindreader?

Larry Galler

Make sure what you want is crystal clear to your employees.

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July 2014

Playing Together in the Sandbox

Two lessons we can all benefit from as business owners.
Chuck Violand

When the chief executive officer of a Fortune 500 company gives a speech on business, it tends to fill an auditorium.

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June 2014 Foreword

An Industry United

Jeff Cross, senior editor

When in trouble, you want help. The RILF may be the answer for restoration contractors.

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October 2013 Single Truck Success

Risky Business

Failure is at knocking at your door. Will you answer?
Steve Marsh

For each entrepreneurs, a lot is riding on the outcome of their undertaking. People are betting all of their savings and acquiring a mountain of debt in order to compete for the dream of running their own company.

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Many Sandy victims still await federal aid

As the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy nears, senators from New Jersey and New York still have tough questions for administration officials over rebuilding efforts.

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September 2013 Foreword

The Value of (yawn) Training

Jeff Cross, senior editor

Get refreshed. Get some training.

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July 2013

Flying Lessons

Business owners need guts, perseverance, a never-give-up attitude and a little luck.
Chuck Violand

Every day that a business owner walks through the door of his company, he’s entering a place he’s never been — willing to face new challenges that he may be ill prepared to address.

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Sign up for the upcoming Carpet Challenges webcast

Register today for the upcoming Cleanfax webcast, Carpet Challenges: Spot/Stain Removal and Deodorizing.

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Knowing when to say 'No'

Timothy E. Hull, CR

Denying a big, potential payoff can be tough. Be strong or you may regret it later.

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May 2013 Feature

The Contents Manager

The restoration industry’s best kept secret.
Barb Jackson, CR

Just about everyone knows what a project manager is and what he/she can do. But one of the best kept secrets in the restoration industry is the awesome power of a “contents manager.”

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