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CRI updates SOA Provider agreement

SACRAMENTO, CA — CRI announces new recommendations to those seeking service provider status.

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Check out the September Cleanfax

BIRMINGHAM, AL — Cleanfax’s September cover story explores new ways to maximize sales, profits and deliver world-class service.

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ISSA upcoming events schedule

NORTHBROOK, IL — The cleaning association releases its schedule for September and October.

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Chemspec prize winners announced

BIRMINGHAM, AL —  A $300 Chemspec prize package awarded to three Cleanfax Benchmarking Survey participants.

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No Mold. No MRSA. No Odor.

Stopping the spread and growth of bacteria with organosilanes.
Dr. Daniel Bernazzani and Doug Bradford

Applying organosilanes, a surface protecting antimicrobial, to stop the spread and growth of bacteria.

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Cleaning legend honored posthumously

OAK PARK, MI — Socioeconomic change organization honors former cleaning professional.

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Got data? Cleanfax needs it

BIRMINGHAM, AL — The Carpet Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report is in production.

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August 2014


News and information for the cleaning and restoration industries.

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August 2014 Technical Tips

Eliminate Costly Callbacks

Solving the mystery of odor control. Plus a little bit more.
Scott Warrington

If the source of the odor has not been eliminated, the odor will return! Now that the mystery has been solved, let’s discuss some additional odor control tips that will help you avoid costly callbacks.

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RSA now on iPad

BURLINGTON, WA — RSA now offering its cleaning and restoration classes on iPad.

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