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June 2014

Super-soft Carpet

Best cleaning practices for newer products.

Super-soft, low denier carpet fibers are making a big impact on the retailing side of residential carpet. What impact will they have on the cleaning side of the carpet industry… and on your business?

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April 2014

Chemically Sensitive Rugs

It’s your fault if you didn’t know this in advance.

Let’s discuss the more common chemical washing treatments, what they are, how to identify them and the dangers they may pose to rug cleaners.

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January 2014 Technical Tips

Remove the Uncertainty

Upholstery cleaning can be like carpet cleaning. Here’s how.

I have had discussions with cleaners about upholstery cleaning for decades, and I’ve often wondered why upholstery cleaning services represent as much as 50 percent of the residential cleaning volume of a few companies, and less than 10 percent of the volume of most others.

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January 2013 Technical Tips

Viscose Rayon Rugs

How to identify and minimize rug cleaning disasters.

Here are four common challenges to cleaning viscose rugs, and some tips to minimize rug cleaning disasters.

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