BURLINGTON, WA — Legend Brands launches new VersaClean™ low-moisture cleaning system, according to a press release.

Designed to fill the gap between routine vacuuming and deep extraction, VersaClean’s new low-moisture cleaning system utilizes the superior encapsulation chemistry of Power Encap Plus and the CRB-series counter-rotating brush machines to deliver visibly cleaner results and fast turnaround for time-sensitive jobs, the release stated.

According to the release, Power Encap Plus is unique among encapsulation cleaners, using a mild acid pH encapsulating polymer formulation fortified with hydrogen peroxide to remove spots, spills and stains.

"Many products, especially in-tank cleaners, leave behind a sticky, gummy residue that can attract soils. Power Encap Plus not only prevents yellowing, it can also neutralize wicking and browning from previous cleanings," said Mike Kerner, senior scientist with Sapphire.

The VersaClean low-moisture system is available for purchase from Sapphire Scientific and VersaClean distributors, the release noted.

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