EVERETT, WA — According to Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) there are five top reasons to purchase a premium steam vapor machine, according to a press release.

According to the release, five reasons to purchase a premium steam vapor machine include:

  1. Uses fair labor, paid real wages, sustainably.
  2. Lasts, using optimal materials (e.g., stainless steel boiler) for performance, durability, minimal maintenance and maximum safety.
  3. Worker-Safe by design and in compliance with all regulatory edicts.
  4. Proven to disinfect by peer reviewed research.
  5. Training included: hours of value-added guidance and field instruction is offered by premium purveyors of the right tools and processes for healthful cleaning.

"If you choose to invest in quality equipment, you will be successful in both the short and the long-run," said Rick Hoverson, principal of Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT).

"Read about the efficacy of premium equipment to help ensure effective cleaning, public health and safety, in the AVT White Paper," Hoverson added.

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