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Contact: Richard Price
Phone: 800-932-3030
Fax: 360-757-7950


ProRestore Products
1016 Greentree Rd, Suite 115
Pittsburgh PA 15220
United States

ProRestore Products, maker of UNSMOKE, MICROBAN and ODORx products, offers the products and technical support that professionals trust. Microban is the name for effective antimicrobial treatments for professional cleaning, water and fire restoration, trauma cleanup and more. Unsmoke provides time-tested solutions for the smoke and fire remediation professionals, and ODORx products are known for providing broad spectrum odor control applications. ProRestore provides training in fire, smoke and odor remediation through Restoration Sciences Academy.

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Disinfectant/cleaner approved for sale in Canada

ProRestore Products, the leading provider of water damage restoration antimicrobials, has announced that Microban’s popular nature-inspired antimicrobial BotaniClean is now approved for sale in Canada under the name BotaniPure.

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December 2013 Technical Tips

Disinfectants for restoration

Interesting facts about products you use today.

A key part of any restoration project is the proper selection, handling and use of disinfecting agents.

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Everyone has brand preferences for cars, toothpaste, coffee, clothing, etc.

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Surface film

ProRestore Products

Surface Shield by ProRestore creates a long-lasting surface film that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria on treated surfaces – perfect for post-mold remediation treatment.

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Microban BotaniClean® and BotaniPure™ Antimicrobial Cleaners

Microban’s popular nature-inspired EPA-registered antimicrobial BotaniClean is now approved for sale in Canada under the name BotaniPure (DIN #02423022). Microban BotaniPure can be used on restoration and decontamination sites, including fire, water, sewage and trauma scene remediation.
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ODORx Products

The ODORx line includes odor control products that are effective with offensive and problematic odors, such as pet and animal odors, burned meat and trauma scene cleanup.
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Unsmoke Products

Under the well-known Unsmoke brand, ProRestore has also pioneered chemical applications and equipment to clean up after fire and smoke damage
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