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Bridgepoint Systems

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Contact: Scott Warrington
Phone: 801-261-1282
Fax: 801-281-5489


Bridgepoint Systems
4282 South 590 West
Salt Lake City UT 84123
United States

Bridgepoint Systems markets leading edge chemicals that span the entire line of cleaning and restoration solutions. Our premier chemical brand focuses on comprehensive solutions for professional cleaners, ranging from industry leading originals like Citrus Solv to cutting edge spot and stain removal chemistries like Flex Powder with Citrus Solv. Our Green Balance product line delivers extremely effective cleaning solutions that are also environmentally-friendly. We currently just added a complete wool line of cleaning products to better serve our customers. We also offer the industry's most comprehensive training and educational support network. Please visit our website at for a full listing of courses scheduled across the county as well as course descriptions.

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Super Soft Carpet June 2014

Super-soft Carpet

June 3, 2014

Super-soft, low denier carpet fibers are making a big impact on the retailing side of residential carpet. What impact will they have on the cleaning side of the carpet industry… and on your business?

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Protector June 2014

Protectors for Nylon and Wool

June 2, 2014

In a recent conversation with Gordon Hanks, the CEO of Bridgewater, I learned that the carpet cleaning business they started almost 40 years ago was based on the principle of “cleaning carpet so that we could sell protector.”

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Global Harmonized System

A ‘Global Harmonized System’

October 2, 2013

GHS (The Globally Harmonized System) for labeling, listing and classifying chemical hazards was developed by the United Nations with input from many countries, including the United States.

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Tech Tip April

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

April 3, 2013

How can hot water extraction cleaners provide a high level of service and profitably compete in this environment?

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mold design

Where Do Mold Hazards Lurk?

February 4, 2013

No matter the reason, if you do mold work, you must know the health hazards associated.

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equipment maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

December 5, 2012

What does it take to ensure the best working condition of your equipment? Just a few minutes each day.

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Clean and Organized

October 31, 2012
Five ways to make sure your truck is giving the right message. Read More

Water damage and reconstruction

March 2, 2012
Being a ''full-service'' restoration contractor may involve more than extraction and drying. Read More

Carpet Restoration

December 5, 2011
Clean and restore carpet that has been neglected, abused or involved in fire damage. Read More

Carpet Cleaning Winter Woes

November 1, 2011
Ready for a frigid winter? Here''s how to beat the cold. Read More
police car crime scene cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaning

October 20, 2011
Fingerprint powder removal isn't gruesome, but it isn't easy, either. Read More

The horrors of payroll audits

August 3, 2011
What can appear to be a simple lunch can turn out to be your absolute worst nightmare. Read More

Locating Sources of Urine Odor

July 7, 2011
Your nose, moisture detectors, ultraviolet lights and eyes are your friends when it comes to tracking down the smelly stuff. Read More

Cleaning Frequency

June 1, 2011
Don''t let it be a guessing game. Read More

Create a Speed-Dry Cleaning System

April 8, 2011
Air movers should be used for more than water damage restoration. Read More

Tear Gas Cleanup Procedures

March 22, 2011
When the police are done, someone has to do the cleanup. Read More

The love/hate relationship with olefin

October 13, 2010
A carpet retailer’s description of olefin (polypropylene) might focus on its stain resistance, using terms such as “kid proof” and “stain proof”. Olefin allows the retailer to make a Read More

Truckmount Maintenance

October 13, 2010
You demand a machine that runs top-notch. Here''s how to ensure you get what you want. Read More

The Great Debate™

October 13, 2010
August 2006 presents vs. Scott Warrington Kirk Saiger Writing in favor of leasing Writing in favor of purchasing you Decide the issue - make Read More

The Stone Factory

October 13, 2010
More and more, homeowners are adding stone floors. Here’s some research to add more to your knowledge of stone production and care. Read More

Truckmounts and soft water

October 13, 2010
Listen in as experts in truckmount manufacturing discuss steps you can take to keep your machine in top shape. Read More

The production of tile

October 13, 2010
With billions of feet sold each year, tile cleaning and maintenance is an attractive add-on service. Read More

The Prespray and Rinse Agent 'One-Two' Punch

October 13, 2010
Your prespray and rinse agent must work together — and be compatible — to obtain the best cleaning results. Read More

Acrylic: A dying fiber?

October 13, 2010
For centuries wool was the main fiber used as face yarn for rugs and carpet — and then a replacement was developed. First commercially produced around 1950, acrylic was Read More

Silk fibers and fabrics

October 13, 2010
Being a cleaning expert means knowing the characteristics of all the fibers you clean, even the ones you might seldom clean, in addition to actual cleaning procedures. You undoubtedly Read More

My Way

October 13, 2010
True confession: After being a carpet cleaner for five years, I feel that my actual carpet cleaning business is just beginning. It’s been an interesting road to where I Read More

Polyester — the fiber that keeps trying

October 13, 2010
The slogan for polyester fibers might be, "We''re number three. We try really hard!" A distant third to nylon and olefin, polyester''s market share shows modest growth with shipments Read More

Stone polishing simplified

October 13, 2010
Traditional restoration of damaged stone is still common practice, but many stone floors can be made like-new with this system. Read More

When cleaning agents go wild

October 13, 2010
Your upholstery tool simply will not bend to conform to the curve on the arm of that sofa, and the result is a waterfall of chemical on the side of Read More

Product innovations: 4 tools for better results

October 13, 2010
Consider adding them to your arsenal of tools to get the job done faster and better. Read More

Untold horrors

October 13, 2010
Just when you think everything is fine … disaster strikes. Here are 10 catastrophes you can avoid — if you plan ahead. Read More

Catastrophic cleaning

October 13, 2010
When you hear the term "catastrophic cleaning," most likely you think of cleaning up after a death or perhaps a tornado or flood. Yes, it is a catastrophe when one Read More

Tools of the trade

October 13, 2010
Do you know your jet jargon? Spray tip specs? Read More

Is your truckmount the right upholstery cleaning machine?

October 13, 2010
The sofa we are asked to clean might be a flocked fabric with an Early American print. Or, perhaps it is a Jacquard screaming out: "I may bleed!" How Read More

Overcoming common grout cleaning problems

October 13, 2010
As you diversify into other services, it’s important to learn skills quickly. Here’s a quick lesson. Read More

Ice Wars

October 13, 2010
Freezing temperatures and truckmounts are a bad mix. Read More

Exploring encapsulation for upholstery

October 13, 2010
The theory of encapsulation and the method employed to use this on upholstery is not new… it is gaining in popularity in today’s cleaning market. Many years ago, in Read More

pH, chemical reactions, and cleaning

October 13, 2010
When cleaners get together and discuss technical topics, the subject of pH is likely to come up. This is even more true of discussions among industry instructors, product formulators Read More

Trends in carpet cleaning chemicals

October 13, 2010
From global warming to carpet cleaning products, what is best for the environment has been getting plenty of publicity. This appears to be a trend that will continue for some Read More

Employee leasing — is it for you?

October 13, 2010
Running a service business is a full-time job, whether it’s a large, multi-truck operation or a small family business. The business owner wears many hats; his job description includes Read More

The Proper Sprayer

October 13, 2010
The proper sprayer can be the difference between mediocrity and carpet cleaning greatness. Read More

Dye systems and cleaning results

October 13, 2010
Not every carpet or furniture fabric responds the same way to your cleaning attempts, whether maintenance cleaning, restorative cleaning or spot and stain removal. For example: One day, your Read More

Today's dehumidifiers = Increased productivity

October 13, 2010
As with most advancements in equipment for the cleaning and restoration industries, dehumidifiers and related accessories are state-of-the-art and play a large role in helping restorers get their work done Read More

Oxidizers and reducers

October 13, 2010
Tired of unsuccessful stain removal attempts? Here’s how to use some of today’s effective products for complete success. Read More

Pre-dyed carpet

October 13, 2010
Some processes of carpet dyeing apply the color before the yarns are tufted into a carpet. These are classified as pre-dye methods. The names applied to some of the Read More

Technological advances in dehumidifiers

October 13, 2010
The art and science of drying continues to advance rapidly. Dehumidifiers and dehumidifier accessories play their role in this changing industry. Recent improvements include both simple and practical ideas Read More

Restorer's Corner

October 13, 2010
How much water will air hold? The answer may surprise you. Read More

Criteria for choosing a truckmount

October 13, 2010
Industry pros — from cleaners to manufacturers and distributors — discuss benefits of modern-day carpet cleaning machines. Read More

Post-dyed carpet

October 13, 2010
The previous article in this series covered “pre-dye” systems. We learned that pre-dye systems have the advantage of greater colorfastness and evenness in coloration. So why is so much Read More

Tools of the carpet-cleaning trade

August 6, 2008
Scott Warrington explains how a carpet cleaning wand is only as good as its constituent parts. Read More

Know your stone

March 20, 2008
Scott Warrington explains how to effectively clean floors made of sedimentary stone, metamorphic rock, and igneous rock. Read More

Kawasaki disease and cleaning

February 27, 2008
Kawasaki disease (also known as Kawasaki Syndrome) is a rare but serious illness that mainly affects young children. On occasion, news reports have implied a connection between KS and carpet Read More

Knowing about pH improves cleaning effectiveness

June 1, 2007
CM/Cleanfax® article shows how a little bit of chemistry comes in handy for optimal cleaning. Read More

Tile and grout 101

April 4, 2007
Here''s what one professional has to say about grout cleaning problems. Read More

Clean the sofa — not the coffee table

February 9, 2007
Read one expert''s advice on what to do when cleaning chemicals go places you don''t want them to. Read More

All about silk

September 29, 2006
Read what one expert says about production of silk fabrics and how to clean them. Read More

Which is best: Leasing or purchasing?

August 1, 2006
This month''s The Great Debate™ discusses the issue. Read More

The Great Debate

July 21, 2006
Leasing or purchasing:
Which is best? Read More

Writing in favor of purchasing

July 21, 2006
Leasing or purchasing:
Which is best? Read More

Writing in favor of leasing

July 21, 2006
Leasing or purchasing:
Which is best? Read More

Is post-dyed carpet for you?

June 27, 2006
Here''s what one expert has to say about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a post-dyed carpet. Read More

Pre-dyed carpets: Know the advantages

June 1, 2006
Read what one specialist has to say about different carpet-dyeing methods. Read More

Cleaning fabrics: Tired of the challenge?

March 12, 2006
Read what one expert has to say about getting stains out the first time — without ruining the fabric. Read More

Employee leasing — Is it for you?

January 21, 2006
Find the answers in this month''s issue of CM/Cleanfax® magazine. Read More

Polyester — the fiber that keeps trying

July 11, 2005
Learn some specifications of the third most popular carpet fiber. Read More

Carpet cleaning's finest: The 2004 Cleanfax Dream Team

April 22, 2004
Find out who made this year''s list of the industry''s absolute best. Read More

How would 'no-health benefits' tax affect cleaning pros?

January 15, 2004
ALBANY, NY — JanSan, carpet cleaning pros look at a new proposal to tax small businesses that do not provide health insurance to their employees. Read More

The playoff: New quiz posted on bulletin board

December 15, 2003
LATHAM, NY — Tournament of Champions dead heat contest begins today. Read More

Carpet cleaning contest just days away

December 5, 2003
LATHAM, NY — All-expenses paid trip for two to CM Expo up for grabs. Read More



Carpet protector

May 1, 2014

DuPont is teaming up with Bridgewater LLC to drive innovation and growth with the DuPont Teflon® brand in the professionally applied aftermarket carpet protector market.

Read More


May 1, 2014

Zone Perfect is now VOC compliant in all 50 States.

Read More


April 1, 2014

Blazin' Blue is a next generation emulsifier/rinse agent with surfactants and builders that effectively emulsify and suspend even the most difficult soils.

Read More


January 1, 2014

Encapuclean Green DS is highly economical and can be diluted at 1:32.

Read More

Spotting kit

November 1, 2013
Stop lugging a big bag of products you never use. Read More


September 4, 2013
Encapuclean Green DS is highly economical and can be diluted at 1:32. Read More


October 1, 2012
For decades, Gel Break spotter has been a trusted favorite for removing gum plus tar, asphalt, grease, oils, wax and other oily spots and stains without damaging carpet backings. Read More
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