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Pro-1200 Direct Drive
Your best truckmount choice with (almost) no maintenance!

Sapphire’s Pro-1200 is fast becoming the industry’s leading slide-in truckmount. That’s because the Pro-1200 direct drive unit saves space while delivering robust heat and powerful extraction, especially when installed with the optional submount tank. The Pro-1200 can be used on hard surfaces, upholstery or carpet with plenty of heat and vacuum to clean quickly and thoroughly.

Like all direct drive units, the Pro-1200 offers quicker warm-up time and simpler operation. The Pro-1200 has also been designed for the safety of van occupants, plus a separate drive belt that ensures that even if a belt fails, the van can still be driven.

Based on the successful White Magic slide-in platform, Sapphire reengineered the Pro-1200 to include a number of improvements and innovations:

  • Durable stainless steel heat-exchanger housings with unique finned copper core to capture more heat and last longer.
  • A new wire harness to help prevent premature drive clutch failure and protect the vehicle electrical system.
  • Improved heat exchangers, including a cross-flow design for the coolant heat exchanger and a silencer-equipped Vulcan blower exhaust exchanger reduces noise by up to 15db.
  • Includes the Tuthill’s 5006 tri-lobe vacuum blower, which was specifically designed for Sapphire to reduce noise and increase heat output.
  • The 1,200 PSI CAT water pump is fitted with high temperature seals to ensure long life.
  • The driveshaft assembly is now mounted on rubber isolators to reduce vibration and noise.
  • Easy-to-use instant total heat control located on the updated and operator-friendly front panel.

Perhaps best of all, there is almost no scheduled maintenance required, aside from checking oil levels and belt condition. Because it is driven by your vehicle engine, there is no separate engine to maintain.

Get Sapphire’s signature high performance and dependable operation with reduced operating costs with the Pro-1200 direct drive unit.

870SS High Pressure Truckmount

The versatile 870SS High Pressure truckmount delivers more heat, more vacuum, and more pressure for the biggest jobs.

Producing up to 2,500 PSI heated solution, the 870SS Gardner Denver 410 tri-lobe blower delivers up to 16 inches Hg of vacuum, and up to 770 CFM of airflow. Add this to triple-source heat cogeneration and you have a truckmount that delivers the performance you need for high efficiency carpet cleaning with up to three operators and heated, high pressure hard surface cleaning using two tools.

Power is provided by the water-cooled, four cylinder, 1.6-liter gasoline engine. Utilizing advanced emission and fuel consumption controls, this commercial-grade 63 HP engine is fully EPA-compliant. The use of these premium components ensures maximum reliability and durability.

For the highest performance and durability, choose the 870SS Truckmount from Sapphire.

All Sapphire truckmounts are protected under Sapphire’s exclusive two-year parts and labor warranty. Visit for details.

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