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Articles by Timothy B. Miller

Meaningful customer service tracking

December 29, 2011
Monitoring of your customer service delivery is done by most — but is rarely done right.
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What to do when growth overwhelms you

November 25, 2011
Most want rapid growth, but the resulting challenges can cripple you.
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Run your business from a marketing angle

October 20, 2011
Good marketing consistently and predictably gets you the kind of business you want, at the profits you need.
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The best way to start selling? Don’t sell.

September 22, 2011
The sales process for restorers should always begin by taking a non-selling posture, and here''s why.
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Successful selling requires a process

Tired of making sales calls with no positive results? Of course you are.
August 30, 2011
The time that I spent as a cold-call salesman involved the highest highs I had ever felt at a job and the lowest lows. You need to create a process to overcome the frustration.
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