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Articles by Chuck Violand

April 2014

Money Maturity

Don’t let an undisciplined ego keep you from enjoying financial success.
March 27, 2014

If you’re the owner of a business, here’s something your accountant wants to tell you but may be afraid to because he doesn’t want to risk losing his job: Stop using your business checking account as a personal piggy bank!

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January 2014

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

How success can become a slow slide to business failure.
January 6, 2014

When we first launch our business, or when our business is young, it’s easy to stay hungry. After all, we’re starving!

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December 2013

The Art of Business

Successful entrepreneurs have three amazing skills.
December 5, 2013

A tough economy and even tougher customers brings up a good question: How do we small business people manage to cope?

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November 2013

Explosive Growth!

Quick, instant success or slow and steady growth. You choose.
October 30, 2013

It seems like every other day I receive an e-mail from somebody making some bold claim about how they can help me double my profits, have runaway sales growth or become such a great leader that my people will want to cast a bronze statue of me in my honor.

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September 2013

It Takes Guts

Starting a business is easy. Making it work is not.
September 5, 2013

Some people think it takes a lot of guts to start a business. I’m not one of them. I don’t think it takes guts as much as it takes a giant leap of faith in one’s ability to do something better than it’s currently being done.

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August 2013

Alpha Talk, 2013

Can too much descriptive creativity be a bad thing?
August 6, 2013

It seems the iron fist of Alpha Talk has once again grabbed me by the collar and given me no choice but to speak up against what appears to be a resurgence of Beta Talk.

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July 2013

Flying Lessons

Business owners need guts, perseverance, a never-give-up attitude and a little luck.
July 3, 2013

Every day that a business owner walks through the door of his company, he’s entering a place he’s never been — willing to face new challenges that he may be ill prepared to address.

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June 2013

Mind Your Own Business!

Stop looking over your shoulder when running your company.
June 12, 2013

The fact is that I wasn’t looking over my shoulder to see where the second place finisher was. I was looking over my shoulder to make sure I wasn’t going to finish last. But the lesson was no less significant.

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April 2013

Unexpected Congratulations

A simple way to become a stronger leader in your company.
April 1, 2013

Tim is a classic outdoorsman. Calling Tim a hunting zealot is an understatement. With him, hunting borders on a religious experience.

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January 2013

Somebody Always Pays

Know your costs and what you must charge to make a profit.
January 4, 2013

How many times do we offer our customers something for “free” and actually delude ourselves into forgetting the associated costs? It’s almost as if we convince ourselves there’s some kind of business “Sugar Daddy” picking up the tab.

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