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Articles by Michael Morrow

April 2014

Unlocking the Mystery

Why do some of your clients say ‘no’? There is a long list of reasons.

No one likes to hear a client say “no,” but we all understand that a negative response to purchasing our services is just part of the selling process.

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The 'Be-Back-Itis' condition

It is infectious and can strike at any time. Here’s how to keep this ailment at bay.

If you wait in great hopeful expectation, believing a customer is going to call you back and they don’t, you may be suffering from Be-Back-Itis. How can you avoid coming down with Be-Back-Itis?

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Didn't you see the sign?

What to do — and not to do — when trying to sell carpet cleaning services.

Here are a few insights that may assist you in navigating some of the minefields you could experience when cold calling.

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