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Articles by Brandon Burton

The Benefits of Air Scrubbing

How to improve indoor air quality with air filtration devices.

How to improve indoor air quality with air filtration devices.

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Interpreting Grain Depression in Context

Three components every restoration technician must understand and apply.
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May 2014

There’s an App for That!

Mobile documentation software for restorers.

Mobile documentation software During the last few years, we’ve seen a number of useful applications appear for restorers. These range from simple psychrometric calculators to downright magical tools for quickly measuring out rooms and buildings.restorers.

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March 2014 Technical Tips

Beyond Typical Drying

Practical methods to ensure faster — and more effective — drying.

Many of the components of structural drying are straight out of the physics books. From the foundation, drying is merely understanding how to manipulate energy to cause a desired reaction: Evaporation.

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September 2013 Technical Tip

Dehumidification Procedures

Steps to take to ensure fast and thorough drying.

Dehumidifier selection is one of the most important elements of the drying process, yet significant pressures often interfere with making the best decisions about dehumidifier use.

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Antimicrobials: Make the Best Choice

Separate fact from fiction and match the product to the job — each and every time.

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June 2013

Oops… I Guess That Didn’t Work!

Become a ‘proactive’ restorer instead of a ‘reactive’ victim.

Of the great number of variables in each project, many are difficult to identify early in the restoration effort. Often, the restoration project begins with several assumptions in place.

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Something is in the air, and it's not good

Distinguish normally occurring indoor substances from actual indoor “contaminants” or “pollutants.”

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Indoor air quality: Why should you care? (part 1)

Here’s why air scrubbers or air filtration devices (AFDs) should be standard equipment choices for restoration contractors.

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March 2013 Technical Tips

The Value of Invasive Moisture Meters

Critical instruments for today’s restoration technician.

Tackle the more advanced application of the most critical instrument: The invasive moisture meter (also referred to as “penetrating” or “destructive”).

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