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Articles by Tim Miller

September 2014

Closing the Loop

A new way for restorers to maximize sales, profits and deliver world-class service.
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February 2014

Immature Leadership

They aren’t bad people. They just need some help — quickly.

Imagine a business owner who needs to be told he is making some sales department management mistakes, but no one is in a position — or feels they are in a position — to tell him about it.

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January 2014

Five Sales Management Mistakes

Some owners do this all the time. You don’t have to.

In the past, many restoration contractors were able to grow their businesses without having salespeople on staff.

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June 2013

With Great Power… Comes Great Responsibility

Owning a business can be a real rush with a sense of accomplishment and achievement never before experienced.

Being the owner of an enterprise confers great power and also great responsibility at several levels.

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May 2013 Feature

Managing Your Salespeople

Face the facts. These aren't water damage technicians.

Many owners of restoration contracting businesses started their companies after experience working for other restorers, or perhaps in construction or carpet cleaning businesses.

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5 tips for maximizing your networking efforts

Simply attending a networking event is not enough. Here’s how to get great results.

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The four traits of successful salespeople

Why superstars rise above the rest

While many salespeople will have an individual style and “flair” to their approach, there are four common traits we typically see in superstars.

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Taking the (negative) emotion out of selling

Prospects can sense weakness. Don’t give them that opportunity.

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January 2013

Building Rapport

How to make sure your sales team is properly ready for action.

In today’s market, having an effective team of marketing reps may well be the difference between success and failure for many restoration contractors.

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5 keys to sales management

It’s time to check and see if your salespeople are working for you — or against you.

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