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Articles by Steve Marsh

July 2014 Single Truck Success

Create Your Own Photo Shoot

An easy, effective way to persuade customers that you have what they are looking for.
June 29, 2014

In this age of marketing and social media, companies with the best visual appeal have the advantage. Strong photos capture a viewer’s attention.

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June 2014 Single Truck Success

How Do High-Priced Companies Do It? Part 4

They have the ability to find customers willing to pay more.
June 4, 2014

Companies successfully charging top rates did not just stumble into their high pricing. It took determination, guts and a plan for building a company that deserves to charge more.

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May 2014 Single Truck Success

How Do High-Priced Companies Do It? Part 3

They have greater knowledge and expertise.
May 1, 2014

Consumers who are willing to pay higher prices expect the best. They want to feel confident that their home is in good hands and that the cleaning experience will go smoothly.

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April 2014 Single Truck Success

How Do High-priced Companies Do It? Part II

They look the part. You can, too.
March 29, 2014

Companies charging higher prices must look different from the crowd of competitors. This applies to car dealerships, restaurants, clothing stores and carpet cleaning companies.

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March 2014 Single Truck Success

How Do High-Priced Companies Do It?

Adding a few ‘extras’ makes all the difference.
March 3, 2014

Have you ever wondered how some companies can charge the high prices that they do in a competitive market?

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February 2014 Single Truck Success

The Power of Social Review Sites

Tap into these resources to get more referrals.
February 3, 2014

If you are new to this type of social media marketing, how can you get enough reviews to become competitive in this form of marketing? Is there a way to quickly boost your number of positive reviews?

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January 2014 Single Truck Success

The Power of Newsletters

The most effective method for reaching the very best type of customer.
January 3, 2014

You can be sure that it takes a lot of work to get newsletters out to a client list on a consistent basis. So how do you determine if this is a good investment for your company?

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November 2013 Single Truck Success

Juggling Responsibilities

Success in business involves many talents. It starts with you.
October 30, 2013

Running a business means keeping track of many details, much like keeping your gas tank full. Neglect them and success will be far more elusive.

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October 2013 Single Truck Success

Risky Business

Failure is at knocking at your door. Will you answer?
October 7, 2013

For each entrepreneurs, a lot is riding on the outcome of their undertaking. People are betting all of their savings and acquiring a mountain of debt in order to compete for the dream of running their own company.

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September 2013 Single Truck Success

Customers Need Your Help

Don’t rely on their memories. Be proactive and be remembered.
September 3, 2013

Recently, I decided to begin a maintenance pest control program. I wanted to use the same company which had performed so well for me the last time, but I ran into a problem: I could not remember the company’s name.

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