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Articles by Larry Galler

June 2014 Entrepreneur's Edge

Fail-Safe Systems

Challenge: A forgetful crew spends too much time, money and effort retrieving essential pieces of equipment or other cleaning supplies during a day’s work.

Although you and your staff have memorized and know what you need to have on your truck before leaving either your facility or a customer’s home, we can, and occasionally do, forget to check.

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Create a Culture of Excellence (Part 3)

Challenge: How to communicate your requirements to staff, vendors and customers.

now that you have defined your expectations, you have to communicate your “excellence” expectations to everyone. Let’s move on to the next step… number two.

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July 2013 Entrepreneur's Edge

Create a Culture of Excellence (part 2)

Challenge: Knowing where to start on your quest to building a company based on excellence.

Today’s “excellence” will be outdated tomorrow. Think back just a few years when Blackberry was the cellphone “standard of excellence” and today the business is struggling to survive.

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Cleanfax Insider Weekly Online Exclusive

What is your excuse?

Price may be part of the profitability equation but it shouldn't be the only factor.

If the competition is the guy with the lowest price then how does Rolls Royce, Gucci, and Tiffany stay in business? They don’t sell the cheapest stuff on the planet.

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