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What's in your bag of tricks?

October 13, 2010
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Most think of a “bag of tricks” as a collection of gadgets that make you look good — and make you appear smart.

You know… tricks, “smoke and mirrors”, neat stuff that usually goes poof at the right time.

A bag of tricks that truly benefits your company is much bigger than that.

It is a complete package of confidence-building tactics to show your customers they have the best carpet and furniture cleaning firm working in their homes.

Some of the simplest items in a bag of tricks work best:

  • A genuine smile
  • A friendly demeanor
  • Listen attentively to concerns
  • Look the customer in the eye
  • Use your customer’s name, but don’t overuse it
  • Give the proper attention to kids and pets, but don’t become a stalker
  • Treat your customer like she is your most important customer
  • Be honest with cleaning expectations — but don’t make excuses

This may seem elementary, but there are many cleaning companies out there struggling because they don’t do these simple things.

Another point: Many — if not most — cleaners depend on additional sales (fabric protectors, deodorizers, etc.) to increase the cleaning ticket. It helps them avoid suffering through a cold winter with no work.

Part of your “bag of tricks” is to personally believe in these products.

If you don’t think a fabric protector really works, or that it isn’t worth the extra 12 cents a square foot, your customer won’t believe it.

Customers are funny; they can often see right through a sales pitch.

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