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The return of an ‘old school’ marketing tactic

February 11, 2012
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For the last several years, all you’ve heard is that you must get on board the social media bandwagon. If your business isn’t using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ then you are living in the dark ages and won’t make it.

Heck, even I — the guy who teaches social media — has even preached the doom and gloom stuff. Why?

Well, several reasons. For starters, social media is a faster and easier way to communicate with your clients. From a “mail everything” prospective, the costs to print, label and mail your marketing piece is increasing every year and if your message doesn’t stand out amongst the crowd of other mail pieces… into the circular file it goes.

That much I’m sure you can agree on… social media is faster and cheaper, mail is expensive and slow.

But sometimes things change! And occasionally a product comes along that completely flips your mindset and makes you take notice.

You see, as we have gravitated towards social media, the amount of mail we receive has dwindled.

Curiously, people are actually taking the time to look at the materials they now receive. It’s a complete reverse of years of complaining that we get too much mail so we don’t look at it, to not getting enough mail now we take the time to view it. Weird.

Well, the postal service has taken notice as well. And in hopes of pulling back into their midst lost dollars, they have created a product that is truly getting noticed by the marketing community.

As entrepreneurs and business managers whose duty it is to get new clients with our marketing message, this product may just be the ticket you need to increase sales. Its “old-school”, but with a twist!

It has nothing to do with social media. Although it was at one time the way people stayed social. It’s a specific and targeted means of attracting new clients.

In fact, it’s designed to saturate a particular area with your message, at a cost that will have you smiling all the way to the bank. The rate is as low as a third of regular first class postage. The savings alone on a 5,000 piece mailing could pay for most of the printing. In order to take advantage of this new service you need to visit this site:

No more lists. No more labels. No more getting zip code extensions right. No more hassles!

Just print your material and then deliver it to the U.S. Post Office and they do the rest.

This is the perfect vehicle to deliver your message to those “gated communities” or super swanky neighborhoods that you might have been eyeing up. Your “virtually” hand-delivered piece gets into the right hands and allows you to share your hand crafted message directly with the consumer.

So, if social media isn’t getting you the traffic you had hoped for, maybe this new Postal Service marketing tactic will. You can even do a one-two punch and craft your piece to drive potential customers to your social media pages. (Hint, hint)

Rob Anspach has been in the cleaning industry for 18 years. He is an IICRC Master Textile Cleaner and the owner/operator of Premiere Carpet Cleaners in Lancaster County, PA. Rob is also a savvy marketer! He teaches entrepreneurs how to monetize their online & offline marketing experience, how to attract & retain affluent clients and how to profit from their passions. For more information, go to

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