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Packaging your way to profits

October 13, 2010
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One strategy for improving both your sales conversion rate and your average invoice is to move beyond offering just one price and start offering packages.

When you are selling, it is a big mistake to have only one offer.

When you have only one offer, it often makes the consumer choose between you and your competition. The choice is "yes" or it is "no."

How do you make them choose you?

You change the question in their mind from "yes or no" to "which one." You get them to choose between you, you and you instead of between you and your competition.

And you do this through packaging your services. This way they are considering which package fits their needs. Put yourself in their shoes; can you see how this is more attractive?

If their budget is top of mind, then they have the opportunity to decide which level of service best fits their finances.

Types of packages to offer

Putting together the cleaning packages to offer to your customers is easy.

For example, you could offer a "Budget, Deluxe and Premium" package.

  1. Carpet cleaning. No moving furniture. No carpet protection.
  2. Carpet cleaning and carpet protection. No moving furniture.
  3. Carpet cleaning. Carpet protection. Moving furniture. Two emergency spill visits in the year.

You could also present your packages, not by price, but by the "solution" it offers.

For example, a "New Baby in the Home" package, or "Breathe Easy Allergy Relief" package, or the "Always Clean Year Round" maintenance package, or a "Good Enough for Mom" premium package.

By customizing your packages, you create a conversation in the consumer''s mind on why exactly they are having their home cleaned. Is it because of health? Because it''s just dirty? Or because of an event or upcoming visit?

Just about every cleaning company plays the commodity price game.

By packaging what you do differently, you set yourself apart.

How to package yourself

Packaging isn''t just how you bundle your quality services. It''s also about how you package "you."

Let''s think about this.

If a consumer sees a cleaning van come up to his or her driveway, and it''s got some body damage, it''s dirty and there''s a lot of stacked papers and wrappers crammed up on the dash — what''s his or her impression? Is this someone who knows what "clean" really is? How is that possible when he or she can''t even keep their vehicle in good condition?

Now, a technician with a dirty beat-up van, an AC/DC t-shirt and smelling like smoke and body odor may be technically a very good carpet cleaner.

But, take an equally skilled, clean-shaven technician, put him in a pressed uniform, have him carry a folder of testimonials and before/after photos, and this "well- packaged" technician will have a much different reception from the homeowner.

No matter what anyone says, we do judge a book by its cover. We may find out we are wrong, but that first impression is a big one. The question is, is your impression a positive one or a negative one?

As you are going through how to package up the services you offer, take a good, hard look in the mirror. How are you and your technicians packaged?

Here are some questions to ask about every "touch point" your company has with every prospect and client:

  • How is the phone answered? Is it "live" and by a friendly voice?

  • How is your estimate process? Do you use professional materials and presentations?

  • How is the cleaning experience? Are you on time? Do you use walk-off mats and booties, corner guards and give great care for the home and its contents?

  • How is the "follow-up" handled? Do you use "Thank You" cards and follow-up quality check calls?

If you go into a restaurant where the floors are dirty and the service is poor, it will make you question what you eat and whether it''s safe.

But, if you go into an immaculate restaurant with very attentive staff, you have no fears about quality because you expect it to be great.

They could have exactly the same chef back in the kitchen, but the experience and enjoyment of the customers could be polar opposites all because of the restaurant "packaging."

The same rules apply to cleaning. How you package yourself, your services and your customer experience can result in a one-time customer or a lifelong client.

And it is completely within your power to choose which one you want to create.

If you want to build a highly profitable company, then you need to package yourself as one.

Joe Polish is the president and founder of Piranha Marketing, a premier marketing and business-building company in the cleaning and restoration industries. Piranha provides ready-to-use marketing tools, sales systems, and training to create ELF businesses — easy, lucrative and fun. For free marketing strategies and business building resources visit or contact their business growth consultants at (480) 858-0008.

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