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Step Up!

Surviving the slow season by volunteering.

How to survive the slow season through volunteering in your community.

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August 2014

The 2014 Restoration Industry Leader Review

The secret components of successful restoration contractors.

What does it take to transform a one-truck carpet cleaning company into a successful restoration firm?

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Big Dogs

There’s a type of adjuster you don’t see too often, but when you do…

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More Floods training class of May 2014

More Floods is proud to have the following new companies join their membership along with existing member companies who sent employees through training in May 2014.

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Differentiation: The Key to Success in Selling and in Business

Focus your efforts, do your research and tap into existing streams of available information.

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They Have to Listen!

When marketing and selling your restoration services, you aren’t the only one who has to listen. So does the potential client.

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April 2014

Unlocking the Mystery

Why do some of your clients say ‘no’? There is a long list of reasons.

No one likes to hear a client say “no,” but we all understand that a negative response to purchasing our services is just part of the selling process.

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Aramsco acquires Crown Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Aramsco Inc. has announced that they have acquired Crown Cleaning Supplies and Equipment of Orlando, Florida, effective October 4, 2013.

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October 2013

For Your Information

News and events for the carpet cleaning and restoration industries.

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Merger and Acquisition Challenges

Uh, oh. You lost another one — again. It may not all be bad news.

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