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Employee Management
December 2013 Foreword

Never Satisfied

December 06, 2013
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So you're an entrepreneur. That is evident because you are reading this article and it isn’t about removing cat pee or ink stains.

Perhaps you are a “hungry” entrepreneur, always looks for ways to improve and increase profits. Keeping that all-important entrepreneurial spirit alive and burning 24/7 is important if you plan to succeed.

But sometimes that fire can fizzle because you lose focus and drive. You might get comfortable and complacent. You might figure you are doing “good enough” and so you coast for a while, and then discover you aren’t coasting, but quickly plummeting down to where you never thought you would be again.

A true entrepreneur is never satisfied with the current state of the business. I truly believe it is why the very rich (Warren Buffet, Donald Trump — just picking a couple random names here) keep working and piling on the wealth. It’s not that they need more money. It’s that they are playing a game and they are winners.

Perhaps you have the best employees, the nicest building, a sizable bank account. You might be the Warren or the Donald in our industry. But there are always other strategies you can implement and goals you can reach to make things even better.

It is always refreshing to talk to someone who has been in the trenches for years, has a successful business, and yet has that gleam in their eye that is definitive proof they aren’t quite finished with what they have started. They have much more to do. They are thinking of the next big thing for their business.

It may not be earning another pile of cash, although that is usually the end result of improving a business. What it often involves is making their business a better institution, a positive influence on the employees and even the industry in general. It may mean using that entrepreneurship to become a stronger leader in the local community.

It may also involve specializing and thinking outside the box. Being different. It may mean self-analysis and seeing where improvement can be made with marketing or management of the business. Some successful business owners (entrepreneurs) have gone on to earn the next academic level that, before, had been a distant, blurry blip on their horizon.

What can you do to make 2014 a year that proves you are never satisfied, whether you are a successful business owner with a dozen trucks out there, or a one-truck operator who does all the work himself? What can you do to keep increasing that entrepreneurial spirit, and keep that spark alive and the fires burning?

There are many things you can do, obviously, but I’ll end this discussion with one that I believe in. It involves using a special tool, an industry resource that, if you take advantage of it each month, will rekindle that spark and give you the boost you need to continue to succeed. I’m being biased here, but what I’m sharing is what I hear from faithful readers every time I visit with them.

That’s right. Use Cleanfax to help keep those entrepreneurial fires burning. And not just the magazine, although that is our flagship product and we are quite proud of it. We have powerful online products and electronic media resources at your disposal that, if you use them, may make it harder to fail than to succeed.

Visit and start poking around. You will be amazed at what you find.

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