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June 2013 Foreword

Make Your Marketing Interesting (and Fun)

June 13, 2013
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Think back a few years, to the day when your Yellow Page representative visited you and had your Yellow Page ad all ready to go and said it would be a measly $1,200 a month (or whatever you paid) to run it in the “Carpet Cleaning” section of the book.

And, if you wanted to do water damage restoration, and wanted a second ad, well… that was only $800 additional each month.

Color? When it was new it was like you were buying stock in the ink industry. You paid a premium for color.

If you did all this, and then sat by the telephone once the Yellow Page book hit your city, you would get busier and richer every day.

Now, was that fun marketing? Did you enjoy it? I bet you did, if you made piles of money from those ads. If you didn’t make piles of money, marketing was a miserable experience

Times have changed. Marketing may not have been that much fun or even interesting in the past, but I think it can be today.

So let’s consider just one thing you can do to better market your company. You will find it interesting. And fun. And free.

Facebook groups

This is definitely not a new marketing concept, the idea of joining relevant Facebook groups in your community, but something I experienced recently solidified in my mind how great it works.

What happened is that my own neighborhood community has a “group” on Facebook and someone had their house power washed. She posted how great the job was and mentioned the company that did the work. The owner of the company responded with a “Thank You” message and included his telephone number.

From that single, simple post on a Facebook group page, this company — at the time of this writing — landed about a dozen jobs in the neighborhood. I was one of those jobs. My next door neighbor was another.

The power wash company quickly owned my neighborhood, in regards to doing business. He has been doing other services as well, all because of the one job that got him started.

The power of looking for and joining local Facebook groups and getting someone to use you just once and then talk about your company will quickly go viral.

Fun marketing

There are a lot of great ways to promote your company, with marketing results that you can track and see what works and what doesn’t work.

Best of all? When it’s virtually free, that makes it even more enjoyable.

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