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About Us

For more than 27 years, Cleanfax has provided cleaning and restoration professionals with information designed to help them manage and grow their businesses.  From business management and new technologies for marketing to product application and innovative ways of cleaning and/or drying structures, Cleanfax is the authoritative and trusted voice.

Our print product continues to be the preferred published resource in the cleaning and restoration marketplace and monthly reaches over 25,000 subscribers — 100 percent requested circulation. With that said, Cleanfax is more than just a magazine, as the way in which people consume media has evolved so has the ways Cleanfax delivers content to the industry.  Cleanfax continues to extend its brand with a growing array of electronic media products providing instant interaction and 24/7 access to content and advertising. From the pages of Cleanfax magazine and our newsletters, the Cleanfax Insider and Restoration Insider, to our website, we have the platforms to ensure your marketing message is partnered with quality editorial delivered to the market in the format they prefer.

Cleanfax invites you to be a part of our growing community and get involved by posting comments about our content, reaching out to our staff, participating in surveys and interviews and taking full advantage of the many resources we have made available across our media platforms.

Cleanfax is owned and supported by Grand View Media Group, EBSCO Industries Inc. Grand View Media Group specializes in consumer and business-to-business magazines, as well as custom publishing. Grand View Media Group’s parent company, EBSCO Industries, is No. 1 in the world in many publishing services, and is the leading distributor of magazines and publications to public and academic libraries in the U.S. and worldwide.

Cleanfax's sister publicaion, Cleaning & Maintenance Management covers the cleaning and facility management marketplace with similar platforms for reaching both end-user segments of BSCs and in-house facility managers in education, healthcare, hospitality and other segments.

Cleaning Management Institute® (CMI) is a membership society for training and education. CMI also operates an online bookstore that offers numerous cleaning and restoration-related titles.

Please feel free to contact our staff members with any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you.

Publisher - Micah Ogburn

Senior Editor - Jeff Cross

Account Executive - TJ Grim

Managing Editor - Amanda Martini-Hughes